Hugh Hefner Responds to ESPN Reporter Who Was Robbed and ‘Disrespected’ at Playboy Mansion

Last night’s @hughhefner tweet jumps right off the page, much like the hypothetical sight of the Playboy empire founder heading out for a night on the town with several quarter-age girlfriends.

To @Buckly, a New York tweeter who claims to “enjoy interesting things,” Hefner snapped back: “Then why are you following me, Buckly? Why don’t you get a life of your own?”

Whoa! Hefner, at least publicly, very rarely gets angry. So what might have set off the pajama-clad den master? Turns out that Buckly Stephens, right around Holmby Hills movie projection time, had opined that it was “time to unfollow @hughhefner. I just don’t give a sh*t what he watches on TV every night.”

However, it is another tweet of Hefner’s just a few clicks below that really got our attention. To Southern California ESPN radio reporter Brian Anderson (@ESPNBrian), who shared yesterday that he was recently robbed while at the Playboy Mansion and then allegedly disrespected by Hefner’s loyal, generally aged staff, Hef replied: “That’s difficult to believe, Brian. I wish you’d reported the incident at the time. ” (Anderson did.)

Today, Anderson goes on to detail that the worst aspect of the theft for him is that in addition to his wallet, a camera was also purloined, thus depriving him of the personalized proof of his one and only visit to the world famous Mansion.

Update: Hefner has asked Anderson, via Twitter, to send full details of the incident and its aftermath to his attention. Stay tuned. And picking up where he left off with @Buckly, Hef tells another disconsolate follower, @roodytabooty, the following: “I tweet like a guy with too much class to tweet about his sex life. It’s class gets the ass.”