Hugh Hefner Files For Divorce

Hugh Hefner’s wife isn’t invisible or imaginary, we swear. Her name is Kimberley Conrad, and of course she is a former playmate. The couple married in 1989, had 2 kids, and separated in 1998. Since then the family has largely avoided the spotlight while living in a house next door to the Playboy mansion.

So why divorce now, after all this time? Seems Hef sold the house his family was living in. Reuters has more:

“I am happy to be out of the marriage. I only remained married (to Conrad) for the sake of the children, at her request. I am happy to have this behind me,” Hefner told TMZ in a telephone interview on Wednesday.

Hefner’s decision to seek a divorce follows court action in August by Conrad, who filed a $5 million lawsuit against the Playboy founder relating to the sale of a house they owned together. Hefner told he owed nothing to Conrad, saying he had been “generous to a fault.”