Huggies Launches TweetPee, A Twitter-Based Sensor For Diaper Changing

Brazilian parents just got a new gadget to add to their parenting arsenal: TweetPee, a sensor + Twitter-based alert Huggies has rolled out in Brazil.

A sensor gets attached to the baby’s diaper, and when it perceives an increase in humidity it sends a tweet out to the parent’s Twitter account to let them know the baby needs to be changed.

The tweet notifications also connect to a mobile app that keeps track of the number of diapers used, so parents can make sure they’ve always got a full stock. And if not, they can order new packs online from the app.

Check out the spot for TweetPee (it’s only in Portugese) below:

As one YouTube commenter pointed out, the baby might be tempted to pop the sensor into his or her mouth. And is it not disturbing to any parent to have a WiFi-enabled gadget affixed to their child around the clock?

The device is only available in Brazil right now – would you buy one if it was for sale here?

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