Huge Traffic Drop for RockYou’s Super Wall

While Slide’s Top Friends suspension has garnered a lot of developer attention, rival RockYou! faces an equally serious problem: Super Wall’s traffic has plummeted – fast.

Super Wall was until recently the most active application on the Facebook Platform, with well over 2.1 million daily active users. However, Super Wall has suffered a nearly 70% drop in daily traffic in the past week, falling to less than 650,000 DAU as of today.

The exact cause of the drop remains unclear. It could be partially due to the long holiday weekend in the United States, but other apps have not seen this type of drop. It seems quite possible that Facebook may have taken some kind of punitive action against the application, perhaps by restricting feed access or by lowering the application’s notification or invitation limits.

This traffic drop comes amidst the Facebook Platform policy team’s recent decisions to punish other major applications including Top Friends and’s Social Me.

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