Huge Gains for the Top Apps on This Week’s List of Gainers by Monthly Active Users

While we took the time this week to lionize FarmVille over at Inside Social Games, the numbers on this AppData list of top-growing Facebook games by monthly active users tell a slightly different story: here, where other apps besides games are measured, FarmVille is only number six, while the top app has gained a whopping 7.56 million players in a single week.

That top app is Slide FunSpace, by (who else?) Slide. In a single week, the app has more than doubled in size to become Slide’s largest. The company’s games are far smaller, although you’ll see a pair below, SuperPoke! Pets and SPP Ranch!:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Slide FunSpace12,078,008+7,564,456+62.63
2.icon Gifts to your friends5,074,396+5,074,369+100.00
3.icon Static FBML23,203,613+4,590,993+19.79
4.icon Photos I Love!5,760,939+2,991,342+51.92
5.icon Marketplace10,503,601+2,548,214+24.26
6.icon FarmVille81,125,786+1,794,772+2.21
7.icon SuperPoke! Pets2,369,851+922,187+38.91
8.icon My City Life2,544,065+910,267+35.78
9.icon Friends Exposed16,035,587+780,282+4.87
10.icon Graffiti5,473,094+733,120+13.39
11.icon SPP Ranch!1,330,603+729,983+54.86
12.icon Zoo World20,158,073+658,863+3.27
13.icon MindJolt Games17,800,661+651,107+3.66
14.icon Video 4 You714,223+623,981+87.37
15.icon Demande à tes Amis1,258,063+622,389+49.47
16.icon My Top Fans3,480,516+508,771+14.62
17.icon Gangster City2,151,345+505,453+23.49
18.icon Texas HoldEm Poker26,264,995+431,374+1.64
19.icon Friend Quiz11,533,838+408,843+3.54
20.icon Photo Books907,542+396,503+43.69

What is making FunSpace grow so quickly? Slide is likely putting some legitimate dollars into advertising its apps, in a push for growth.

But FunSpace, in particular, has some other tricks. Users often seem to get repeated notifications from the app about content, and friends sending each other links like YouTube videos will find that the app posts to their walls, drawing in new users.

The next app on the list worth taking a look at is number four, Photos I Love!. This app, too, is experiencing a sudden growth spurt. Who is using it? Well, you can probably figure out something about the user base from the photo at right; it’s the most popular on the app.

Finally, Marketplace is still enjoying speedy growth from the sweepstakes it has been running.