HuffPost Unveils Top 50 Political Animals

HuffPost today unveils its “Top 50 Political Animals of All Time.” The list coincides with the launch of USA Network’s limited series event POLITICAL ANIMALS, premiering on Sunday, July 15 at 10/9c.

Curated by HuffPost staff, the “Top 50 Political Animals” list includes “the savviest, revered and sometimes feared American leaders who changed rules or charted new courses and had a significant influence and impact on politics, policy and the nation.” The list includes presidents, members of Congress, candidates, advisors, mavericks and trailblazers, such as: Martin Luther King, Jr., Lyndon B. Johnson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Karl Rove, Malcolm X, James Carville, Harvey Milk, Rosa Parks, and Gloria Steinem.

During the next month, historians, political experts, pundits and what HuffPost calls “thought leaders” will provide insight on the list, including choosing their own Top Ten. Today Tom Brokaw, one of the “most trusted and respected figures in broadcast journalism” and special correspondent for NBC News, revealed his top political animals.

Brokaw’s picks: #1: Abe Lincoln #2: FDR number two. After that, in no particular order: Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Huey Long and Eleanor Roosevelt.

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