HuffPost, Sunlight Foundation, CPI, NJ to Team Up on Real-Time Fact-Checking of State of the Union

Accuracy is important in analyzing President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech Tuesday night, as well as the Republican response immediately thereafter by Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.), so The Huffington Post, the Sunlight Foundation, The Center for Public Integrity, and National Journal will team up to provide real-time fact-checking of the speeches, which can be followed using Sunlight Foundation’s Sunlight Live real-time platform and via Twitter hashtag #SOTUFACTS.

Journalists and policy experts from the respective organizations will team up to quickly identify and point out any inaccuracies in the speeches, focusing on issues including national security, health reform, taxes, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the economy.

HuffPost co-founder and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington said:

We’re delighted to partner with The Sunlight Foundation, The Center For Public Integrity, and National Journal to create a real-time way of bringing more accountability to our political dialogue, starting with the State of the Union address. It’s long been a dream of mine to fact-check political speeches and debates in real-time, before the spin rooms take over the airwaves. While it’s fun to discuss the theatrics of the State of the Union — where did the players sit? who applauded and when? — it’s imperative to let the facts do most of the talking.

Sunlight Foundation co-founder and executive director Ellen Miller added:

On Tuesday night, we will bring real-time transparency to the annual State of the Union and make our analysis participatory in a way we couldn’t have before the Web. We invite all citizens to join us and submit questions as we live-blog, fact-check on-the-fly, and provide contextual analysis about the influences shaping President Obama’s and Rep. Ryan’s statements at the moment they are spoken.

And CPI executive director Bill Buzenberg said:

We’re doing something that’s not been done before — real-time fact-checking of both the President’s State of the Union address and the Republican response. And we’re doing it with partners like Sunlight and The Huffington Post, making this a perfect collaboration of journalism and technology.