HuffPost Names Scott Conroy as Senior Political Reporter

Conroy will cover the 2016 presidential election for The Huffington Post.

Scott Conroy will be joining The Huffington Post as senior political reporter, according to an announcement this morning.

Conroy, who will cover the 2016 presidential election for HuffPost, has spent the last four years at RealClearPolitics where he reported and broke news on national campaigns and elections.

“Scott has already established himself as one of the more insightful reporters in politics,” said Sam Stein, senior politics editor for The Huffington Post, in the announcement. “But what makes us so excited about having him at the Huffington Post is the incredible versatility he brings to the job. As we embark on what promises to be a dynamic presidential race, we feel fortunate to have someone who can produce great stories for the website, wonderful coverage for Huffpost Live, and tremendous insight and analysis for all the other mediums that Huffington Post plans to use during the campaign.”

Conroy expressed his excitement in joining The Huffington Post, as well as his gratitude for his time at RealClearPolitics on both Twitter and in the official announcement.

“After a great four-year run at RealClearPolitics, I’m thrilled to be joining The Huffington Post just as the 2016 presidential race is getting interesting,” said Conroy.  “I’m especially excited about the opportunity that Arianna and Sam are offering me to cover the campaign in innovative ways and in a manner that makes sense to the fortunate among us who live both physically and mentally outside the Beltway. And I can’t wait to try out the nap rooms.”

Conroy began his career in political journalism covering the 2008 presidential campaign for CBS News as an embedded reporter on the Romney and Palin planes and was a contributor to the network’s 2012 election coverage.