HuffPost Mexico Is Live


Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.46.08 AMThe Huffington Post’s 16th international edition—HuffPost Mexico—has officially launched. The Spanish-language site is published in conjunction with Mexico City-based Grupo Imagen Multimedia.

Given Donald Trump’s trip to Mexico, the launch of HuffPost Mexico is quite timely.

As HuffPost global editorial director Howard Fineman explained in a post about the new site, quality reporting is extremely important; especially now.

“Reporters, videographers, photographers, researchers and the rest of the media can’t forge peace, abolish injustice or elevate wise leaders,” wrote Fineman. “But good journalism explodes stereotypes, dispels destructive myths and gives us all access to accurate representations of our fellow humans—not as their enemies, rulers, propagandists or demagogues depict them.”