HuffPost Leads Digital-Only News Sites

The Huffington Post is doing well.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 8.23.59 AMPew Research Center’s giant annual State of The News Media report has been unleashed upon the public. There is a ton of information to dig through, so we’ll likely be providing bits and pieces of it throughout the day. Let’s start though, with news sites that are digital natives. According to Pew, The Huffington Post is leading the pack.

For its report, Pew studied more than 400 digital-only news outlets, and HuffPost was the most popular among them all, with a total digital population of 100,000,000. BuzzFeed is a close runner-up, followed by Bleacher Report (a little surprising that it’s considered a news site) and Business Insider. It’s also worth pointing out that, which just launched last year, made it in the top 10.

When considering legacy news sites, Yahoo-ABC News led the way, with a total digital population of 127,995,000. CNN was next, followed by NBC and—once again—HuffPost.

Correction 4/30, 3:45 pm:
An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that the HuffPost’s total digital population was 100,000. It was 100,000,000.