HuffPost Launches ‘College’ Section

Readers of the Huffington Post can now expect many more articles about binge drinking, casual sex, and ultimate frisbee. HuffPost’s latest vertical, “HuffPost College,” launched today. The section features content from more than 60 college newspapers in addition to cross-posts from other sections of the Web site. Jose Antonio Vargas, will be heading up the section. That work will be added on to Vargas’ existing duties as HuffPost’s technology and innovations editor. Leah Finnegan, former editor of University of Texas’ Daily Texan, will be assisting him.

The college section takes its parent site’s typical catch-all approach to news-gathering, featuring posts from student journalists like Cornell senior Jeff Katz alongside an article by U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

It’s a pretty straightforward content-for-exposure deal, an arrangement that’s fairly typical for the HuffPost. Participating college newspapers like the Harvard Crimson, the Yale Daily News, or the Daily Californian get exposure and can participate in HuffPost projects like the College Debt Project.