HuffPost Interviews Failed Political Contenders for New Podcast

Howard Dean is up first.

While political journalists are out trying to snag their 35,466th phone interview with Donald Trump, a new HuffPost podcast is trying a different tack, talking to people who fall into the technical definition of one of Trump’s favorite pejorative terms: losers.

Candidate Confessional, which debuts tomorrow, will feature HuffPost senior politics editor Sam Stein and investigative reporter Jason Cherkis interviewing politicians, one per episode, about their failed bids for office.

The impetus, according to Stein, was to get a look inside the campaign process that wasn’t filtered through slick politispeak. “We wanted to know what life is really like on the trail,” he said in an announcement, “So we decided to talk to those with nothing left to lose: the ones who had already lost.”

Tomorrow’s inaugural podcast features 2004 Democratic presidential primary contender Howard Dean, who participated in a HuffPost-hosted Q&A on Facebook today, taking questions from users on subjects that included, inevitably, probably the most infamous scream in American political history. “My poll numbers went down for 3 weeks before the Iowa caucus,” he said, challenging the standard narrative of the yell as the moment that brought down his campaign. “The scream had nothing to do with it.”

There was also this disheartening but expected response to Stein’s question about whether a candidate can “be a normal human being, candid and honest, while running a successful presidential campaign”: “Not so far, but hope springs eternal,” wrote Dean.

Subsequent episodes will feature Rep. Michele Bachmann, former Texas state senator Wendy Davis, and former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, among others.

Listen to the preview below: