HuffPost Founding Editor Discusses Past, Future

"It's been a remarkable, glorious 11-year run here."

Roy Sekoff, the founding editor of The Huffington Post who is departing at the end of the year, spoke with Ad Age about a wide range of subjects. The entire exchange is worth a read, but below are some highlights.

On the HuffPost’s success:

To be honest, I did not see the success that we have reached coming. It’s all been wonderful. It’s interesting. This is the week when we first were putting together the first outline for the business plan of what would become HuffPost back in December of 2004. So if you had asked me back in December 2004 if I’d be sitting here having this conversation with all that we’ve done, 11 years later, no. The crystal ball was much cloudier.

On how digital media has changed since HuffPost launched in 2005:

We’re the old guard. At 10 and a half years. Yeah, certainly you have to stay relevant, and you have to use the platforms and the nomenclature and the ways of consuming news. That’s what’s changing.

On the importance of video:

Our biggest deals that we’ve made recently are all around video content. So yes, a massive part of the business plan moving forward.

On his future:

It’s been a remarkable, glorious 11-year run here, and we’ve been very successful. And I kind of want to enjoy some of the fruits of that success.