HuffPost Experiments with Giving Marketers Access to Comments, Twitter Feeds

HuffingtonPostLogo.jpgThe Huffington Post is experimenting with a new take on using Twitter to generate advertising sales, offering marketers the opportunity to add paid comments to reader comments on stories and to place paid tweets on the live Twitter feeds the site collects for subjects and events, reported.

Responding to concerns that this process will interfere with visitors’ viewing experiences at HuffPost, president and chief revenue officer Greg Coleman told marketers will receive guidance on how to enhance conversations, adding, “You cannot use the social engagement for the purposes of really hawking your products. The advertiser is really put in a position where they need to add value to the conversation that’s taking place.”

Deep Focus CEO Ian Schafer told

It’s interruptive, potentially, but it also presents an opportunity for the advertiser to say something worthwhile. In theory, there’s more upside in doing it that way than in buying a banner ad. With those, the default behavior is to ignore them. With this, the default behavior may be to pay attention.