HuffPost Does a Body Good

If you like your news served up with a side of botulism, HuffPost might be the news outlet for you. On Monday, HuffPost’s Amanda Terkel tweeted out this terrifying thought.

Yeah, I don’t think that’s safe. According to politics reporter, Sabrina Siddiqui, things only got worse.

Does Sam Stein really think that milk can’t go bad? We reached out to him and he tells FBDC that, “A staffer here had some yesterday, two weeks past its sell-by date. He was ridiculed. But I defended him. The milk hadn’t gone entirely bad.”

When it comes to milk, we are all about safety. When it doubt, throw it out. Sure, wasting food is a terrible problem in this country. But it sounds a lot better than throwing your guts up at work.

Stein also told us that not long ago, Terkel tweeted her complaint that the office didn’t have a sufficient milk supply. This led the “Got Milk?” campaign to send them 5 gallons.

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