HuffPost Bombs Fake Twitter Account

As we know, fake twitter accounts are popping up like weeds. Today with all the enthusiasm of a virtual bullhorn, HuffPost‘s Sam Stein alerts the Twittersphere to the existence of @HuffPo. “Everyone, @huffpo has no affiliation with the actually huffington post,” he writes.

Right, the actual Huffington Post. Or Huffington Post Actually. However you want to put it.

Before its account was suspended, the fake “@HuffPo” wrote mostly nonsensical posts that linked to strange off the beaten path sites as well as the real HuffPost. For example: “Poll: Is Lara Logan to blame for her sexual assault?” Read here (not HuffPost).  Also check out “Maria Rodale: Is Pretty Hair Possible without Plastic? Yes, with These Styling Secrets.” This one actually links to the real HuffPost. Read here.