HuffPost Blogger Hearts Arianna

Barbara Hannah Grufferman, a HuffPost blogger and author of “The Best of Everything After 50” wrote a fawning post for Arianna Huffington about Arianna Huffington on Arianna Huffington’s website about how successful and fabulous and powerful Arianna Huffington is.

Grufferman begins by quoting feminist Glorida Feldt, who wrote that “if we muster the courage to stand in our power and walk with intention, we can achieve our highest aspirations at work, in civic life, and in love for good.” Grufferman thinks that “this kind of power is at the very heart of Arianna Huffington’s success” because she has her “fingers placed firmly on the global pulse.”

Grufferman is just happy to be there, posting on HuffPost just about every week for no money. “By sharing her powerful position — as the leader of this site — with us, [Arianna] made The Huffington Post even more powerful.” Grufferman can now “raise important issues” and “start big conversations” all because Arianna was nice enough to give her a platform.

Grufferman suggests her readers “learn from Arianna Huffington” as she has. Most important is to “believe in yourself…miracles can happen.” (Unless that miracle has something to do with getting paid for HuffPost blog posts.)

The piece closes with an empowering quote from – who else? – Arianna Huffington herself about how women need to become fearless to get ahead. “Powerful words…from a powerful woman,” Grufferman closes. Amen.