HuffPost Blogger Examines Examiner’s Sean Penn Dust Up

HuffPost blogger Michelle Langevine Leiby (as in wife of WaPo’s Richard Leiby) takes a critical look at the Sean Penn incident last week with Examiner scribe Tara Palmeri. The piece examines the First Amendment, among other journalistic issues.

Like the Politics Daily piece on the subject, HuffPost’s also defends Penn. The headline is: Leave Penn Sean Penn Alone.

Read Leiby’s story here.

Palmeri responded to FishbowlDC on Leiby’s piece:

She makes a valid point about the first amendment. After the incident I was shaken and that was the first thing that popped into my head and I misspoke. Looking at it now, I realize the point that I wanted to make was that it was indeed a fair question and how the flacks handled the situation was alarming. I was merely regurgitating Penn’s appalling words back to him, trying to get him to answer exactly what the fallout was after such a controversial statement.

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Bill Maher asked pretty much the same thing, and Penn just laughed it off. When asking the question again, I assumed he would either laugh it off, or use it as an opportunity to clarify or detract his statement.

I never expected what happened to happen and I wish it wouldn’t have. I wasn’t even going to go to the event, but [Nikki] Schwab was going out of town so we needed something for Monday’s page. Without ever reaching out to me, author Michele Langevine Leiby made the assumption that I did this for attention and to better my career. Yes, making Drudge was a first for me and that was exciting, but the rest of it was indeed unexpected and not orchestrated.