Former Al Jazeera Director General Heralds the Launch of HuffPost Arabi

Site's 14th international edition is also its most ambitious.

HuffPostArabiThe 14th international edition of The Huffington Post is live. Launched in partnership with Integral Media Strategies, the vertical aims to serve some 377 million people living in 22 Middle East countries.

Although the content will generally be in Arabic, several of today’s inaugural posts have been translated into English. They include a welcome message from Wadah Khanfar, CEO of the aforementioned London-based Integral Media Strategies:

The Arab media is in dire need of diversity and credibility. We commit to these principles through our editorial policies, carried out by our team of professionals hailing from a range of backgrounds and experiences. They are brought together by one basic vision: we place the people at the core of our editorial policy, and we do not lean towards the powerful at the expense of the masses. We open our doors to all who wish to participate in realizing this vision by inviting a wide range of intellectuals, political activists, and journalists to write for the site and to exchange opinions, creating a thorough and constructive Arab dialogue.

Khanfar spent many years with the Al Jazeera network, starting in 1997 as a reporter and continuing on as Baghdad bureau chief, managing director and director general. He resigned from the company in 2011.

The editor in chief of HuffPost Arabi is Anas Fouda. Here is part of his editor’s letter:

My friends here in the newsroom all belong to a youthful generation that does not favor reinventing the wheel or peddling goods that already flood the markets. They view Iraq as more than a sectarian or ethnic war, and Syria as bigger than a field where exploding barrels are dropped, and Egypt as more than a country facing a crisis of rights and politics; this is the case for all the hot spots across the Arab World. If you are interested in keeping tabs on the number of dead, then this is perhaps not the place for you. But if you are wondering how people plot to survive among the rubble, to smile amid worry and to hope while frustrated, and if you want to know: What? Why? How? Where?, then you are in the right place.