Huffpo’s Integration Team Email to AOL Contributors

Below is the email that went out to all current AOL contributors. They ask if they would like a full-time position, they should submit their resume to the email address provided. We’ve confirmed the same offer or information was not given to the infamous legion of free bloggers at Huffington Post.

Dear AOL Contributor,

As you likely know, AOL has acquired The Huffington Post, and we have created the Huffington Post Media Group, bringing together The Huffington Post, all AOL content sites and Patch, to launch a next generation hyper-local, national, and global media company. Together, we’ll create even more impactful, engaging, and informative experiences.

We have recently made some changes to our editorial leadership and you should be hearing from them soon. We are laser focused on high-quality journalism and will be hiring additional full-time writers, editors, and reporters. If you’re interested in a full-time position or have other questions, please contact us per the information below.

Some important items and points of contact:

1) MARCH PAYMENTS: Please be assured that payment for your March published work or fixed fee services will be input and processed in the CMS. Everyone will receive payment in accordance with their contracts, per the monthly operating routine to date.


EDITOR TRANSITION QUESTIONS: Send your emails to ——–.

IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN A FULL-TIME EDITORIAL POSITION :——– Please include a resume, the site(s) you contribute to, a short summary of your contributions to AOL, and your areas of interest.

EDITORIAL/CONTENT QUESTIONS: You will hear from the new editorial team for site content direction. If you have an urgent editorial question and don’t know who to contact, write to ———.

PAYMENT QUESTIONS: Continue to contact the Help Desk at —– M-F, 9am – 8pm.

FEE INVOICES: Send via email attachment to ——-

Thank you for your continued contributions to AOL. Please reach out to us with any questions for more information.

The Huffington Post Integration Team

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