HuffPo: One Hundred Days of Liberal-‘Tude

(Please excuse the pretentious literary pun. I'll try to stop.)

(Please excuse the pretentious literary pun. I’ll try to stop.) In his AdAge column, Simon Dumenco looks at the first 100 days of Huffington Post-ness and decrees it a success, despite the celebrity no-shows and semi-shows. It’s gotten buzz, overtaken Gawker on occasion traffic-wise and, he suggests, is poised to actually make money. His partial explanation:

It’s worth noting that when overemployed pundits like [Lawrence] O’Donnell (an executive producer on The West Wing) do the talking-head thing, they tend to do it only because someone has made it incredibly easy for them. A producer sends a Town Car, they do their punditry, and then a Town Car takes them right back.

Arianna’s basically running a cyber Town Car service for liberals who can’t be bothered to blog on their own, and only blog for Arianna because she’s so damn charming and persistent.

Is that actually true, about the Town Car? I’ve always wondered why, for instance, Mort Zuckerman bothers to drag himself to those cable things, when he could just be at home counting his zillions and running his media empire instead of arguing with Pat Buchanan in some drafty tv studio.

Also, are there any amusingly solemn/pretentious/self-serving HuffPo posts this morning about the Hunter Thompson memorial? I’m scared to look.