HuffPo Names Dominique Strauss-Khan’s Wife Editor of Le Huffington Post

(Via WSJ)

The Huffington Post has hired Anne Sinclair, the wife of Dominique Strauss-Khan, to be the editor of Le Huffington Post, the French version of HuffPo. The New York Times reports that while this has not been made official, an invitation to a party unveiling the new site listed Sinclair as the “editorial director.”

Sinclair actually has some journalism experience; she was a host of a popular television interview show during the 1980s. But that hasn’t stopped the French media from lashing out against the hiring:

‘Anne Sinclair is no longer a journalist,’ an editor at the paper was quoted as saying by the magazine L’Express. ‘When she publicly compared the DSK affair to the Dreyfus affair, she lost her objectivity.’

Of course she’s not. Sinclair was hired to get the new site some attention, and what do you know? It worked. Naming Sinclair an editor means Arianna Huffington officially does not give a sh*t about about who is manning the sites, as long as they carry a flashy name.

The countdown until Kim Kardashian edits HuffPo Reality TV has now begun.