HuffPo Japan Launches

You couldn’t keep up with all the Huffington Post sites if you dedicated your life to it, but nevertheless, we thought we should tell you Huffington Post Japan is now live. The new edition comes on the heels of HuffPo Germany, which debuted just last week.

HuffPo Japan is the latest local effort (joining France, Italy, Spain, Canada, and the United Kingdom) from Huffington Post. A look at its team: Shigeki Matsuura is editor-in-chief; Chitose Wada is news editor; Naoko Utsumiya and Akihiro Chishiro are associate news editors; Kenji Ando and Kaori Matsumoto are blog editors; Chika Igaya serves as reporter; and Atsushi Nagayama is traffic and trends editor.

“In addition to telling the stories of such defining events, and inviting Japan’s people to tell their own stories, HuffPost Japan will be exploring and celebrating the country’s culture, from deeply-rooted traditions — including zen meditation and Tea Ceremonies, with their rich rituals and fascinating tea masters like Sen no Rikyu — to its embrace of oddball pursuits, like, yes, crying baby contests,” wrote Arianna Huffington, in announcing the new site.

Well, we hope Japan is ready for the inevitable crying baby slideshows. Or maybe that’s already a thing.