HuffPo: Finally, response!

It’s taken four days but it seems like the Huffies have shrugged off their solipsism and responded to the world around them and each other. Arianna snits back at Slate’s Jack Shafer’s point regarding disputation as the essence of conversation: “I think the essence of conversation is revelation,” she huffs (ha, ha), citing “bantering, flirting, telling tales, gossiping,[and] joking around” as conduits to same (which, incidentally, also explains why she’s not yet turfed Greg Gutfeld). Speaking of Gutfeld, Christopher Guest seems to channel him (but that could be a chicken/egg thing); David Corn acknowledges and engages former Clinton mouthpiece Mike McCurry; and David Mamet uses his platform to dropkick old nemesis John Simon. Danielle Crittenden, meanwhile, is still hoping Hollywood will notice her.

Good luck, Danielle, but that’s it for me – I’m officially off the HuffWatch unless Gutfeld gets fired.

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UPDATE, 12:08pm: We interrupt our self-imposed HuffPo ban to predict that Gutfeld will get canned today. There’s no way they’ll keep him on after this (reproduced after the jump in case they yank it).

Greg Gutfeld on Richard Bradley:
I love the thing you just posted about David Mamet.
The way you kissed his ass, and then followed up with an amusing self-deprecating anecdote.
I don’t care what anyone says, you don’t blow.