Huffington Watches Us Watch Her

From today’s NYT Boldface column:

…. [W]e were most interested in talking to ARIANNA HUFFINGTON about her new celebrity-written blog, the Huffington Post, which has been the talk of the Huffington Post.

So Ms. Huffington, do you keep up with what is written about the blog?

“You know, I always catch up with it but not always in real time, because if I read everything on our blog, and read everything about our blog, I wouldn’t be doing anything else all day.”

What’s your favorite blog response to your blog?

“I mean there’s been a lot. MICKEY KAUS has been writing.

“I just saw before I left that he linked to my female orgasm blog. And I’ve been linking to what he’s doing.

To recap:

Article about the female orgasm appears in the New York Times -> Huffington posts Huffington Post entry about reading said New York Times article -> Mickey Kaus mentions Huffington’s interest in female orgasms on Kausfiles -> Huffington’s mention of Kaus’s mention of her mention of New York Times article is reported in New York Times. Ah, the circle of life!

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