Huffington, Shearer Do Bergdorf Goodman


Bergdorf Goodman magazine’s BG Conversations series, Arianna Huffington and Harry Shearer talk about blogging. Michael Gross, who conducted the interview, asked both multimedia generalists about how they achieved their blogging epiphany moment. Shearer, who wears as many hats in the mainstream media as he does voices for The Simpsons, had a ”wow” moment when blogging on the second O.J. trial for From Bergdorf Goodman:

”Harry Shearer: Speaking as largely a refugee from the mainstream media, the best part is the absence of supervisorial second-guessing, that endless ‘I don’t think people in Iowa are going to care about this.’ Well, Arianna and I now largely live in a universe free of that. We make our own decisions.

”Bergdorf Goodman: That reminds me of what you said when you left Saturday Night Live.

”Harry Shearer: They said that I had left the show because of creative differences, and a reporter called me and said, ‘Is that true?’ I said, ‘We had creative differences; I was creative and they were different.’

”Arianna Huffington: I think the future belongs to the hybrids, those who take the best of traditional media—fact-checking, accuracy, fairness — and bring it together with the best of new media—obsessiveness, stick-to-itiveness, passion.”

Full interview here.

(image via huffingtonpost)