Huffington Post to Roll Out Election Dashboard

As more and more political candidates embrace social media, The Huffington Post is looking to become the place to track their every tweet.

The self-proclaimed Internet newspaper is planning to roll out what it calls Election Dashboard, a central hub where political junkies can track the pulse of the electorate in real time up until the midterm elections on Nov. 2.

Among the dashboard’s more distinctive features will be up-to-the-minute data compiled by Viralheat, an analytics firm specializing in social media.

According to HuffPo officials, Viralheat will be able to provide insight on the way voters are swinging—as the election precedes—by tracking activity on social and video sites.  

Also along those lines, the dashboard will curate Twitter streams from various candidates and pundits.

The site is also planning to provide proprietary polling data as the various congressional and gubernatorial races heat up through a partnership with In addition, HuffPo will post detailed, continuous information on candidates’ fundraising successes via a tool called HuffPost Fundrace—which is powered by the political data/software firm Aristotle.

“It’s a very exciting time to be covering elections, as new media make possible fresh ways of tracking races and of deepening our understanding of them,” said Arianna Huffington, the site’s co-founder and editor in chief.