Huffington Post Relaunches Fashion Site

Original ‘Style’ editor Anya Strzemien returns to run vertical

Not a business day goes by that the Huffington Post doesn’t seem to be launching a new vertical—for parents, environmentalists, Latinos, the recently married or the recently divorced. Yesterday saw the launch of HuffPost Small Business—or rather, the relaunch: there was a similar small business site at AOL, under the same editor. So what’s next?, FishbowlNY asked on Twitter: HuffPost Cakes?, HuffPost Teen Wolf?

What’s next is StyleList, a separate fashion and style website that, like Small Business, has previously existed at AOL. The difference is that StyleList, which underwent its makeover Thursday morning, will continue to live on its own site,, and be run by the Huffington Post, on its publishing platform. Indeed, the only HuffPost branding on the site so far is in the SEO, which is now “StyleList HuffPost.”

But many hallmarks of the HuffPost brand are there: the commenting platform, the blogging platform, and the emphasis on sharing articles through social networks. “[B]ecause people love to express their opinions about fashion, we're excited to bring the HuffPost commenting platform to Stylelist’s engaged community members, allowing them to connect with each other and have their voices heard,” said Arianna Huffington. Bloggers on the site will include fashion mavens Rachel Roy, Heidi Klum, Jason Wu, Desiree Gruber, and Brandon Holley.

Returning to Huffington Post to oversee HuffPost Style, StyleList, and the forthcoming StyleList Home— another vertical on the revamped site—is Anya Strzemien, who launched HuffPost Style three years ago. Priya Rao, a former reporter for The Wall Street Journal, has been named Style Editor.

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