Huffington Post Post of the Day


I grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts, where the first battle of the American Revolution was fought. And the Lexington Minutemen had a saying: ‘Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.’ They were referring to an imperial colonial power– the British Empire. I’m going to apply the same dictum to the Huffington Internet Colonizing Force, and hold my fire until someone posts something really silly, instead of just self-indulgent and boring.

But I am going to run a daily excerpt, because I believe in lending a hand to new bloggers and giving them some exposure. So here’s something Cable Neuhaus mused today:

That’s the thing about journalists, the truly gifted ones, anyway: They are smarter than just about everyone else. I’ve always believed (and I don’t think naively) that the best journalists are intuitively brighter than most lawyers, doctors, professors, and scientists. It’s not hard to explain why: They are guided by an ever-present curiousity, a need to know the truth, and a hard-wired navigation system that steers them past the steaming bull that so impresses most folks.

Note: According to Neuhaus’s bio, he has worked for around a decade each at Entertainment Weekly and People, both of which are publications known for their writers’ “need to know the truth” and avoidance of “steaming bull.” Anyway, I’m with Neuhaus: Damn all those incurious scientists and professors!