Huffington Post Launches Twitter Editions

huffpo_logo_4.8.10.jpgThe Huffington Post is upping their presence on social networking sites through the introduction of a Twitter feed for each of the publication’s 19 sections.

According to Arianna Huffington, the Huffington Post’s founder and editor in chief, the decision to branch out into Twitter is a natural fit for the news and opinion site:

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to deliver great content to our readers. And since more and more of them are using Twitter to get their news and share the news that touches them, a Twitter edition is a natural next step for HuffPost. The speed and immediacy of Twitter’s constantly-refreshing feeds is a perfect fit with our blend of real-time news, opinion, and community. Our Twitter editions are a great tool for those already using Twitter — and a great introduction to what Twitter has to offer for those who aren’t.

These editions will include several features aimed at making the experience of reading HuffPo more interactive. Readers can re-tweet stories they’d like to share directly from the site (which is also an option on all Mediabistro blogs), and Twitter users can follow new tweeters with one click. And, to ensure that the sharing and reading of stories and Tweets is as seamless as possible, Twitter users can see their own Twitter feeds on the HuffPost Twitter Edition pages.

As an example of how this feature works, take a look at the Twitter edition of HuffPo’s “comedy” vertical:


The section features sections organized by “Sites” and “Comedians,” as well as a timeline so readers can easily view the latest stories from the Huffington Post’s comedy section, as well as a box that allows users to Tweet right from the page.

Our take? This is a great idea to streamline the experience of reading and sharing a blog / news site. Twitter might be a relatively short-lived trend in terms of social networking sites, but HuffPo is making the best use of it we’ve seen so far. In the future, we’d like to see one page that allows readers to access and share similarly-organized feeds from several blogs all in one place.

Take a look around HuffPo’s Twitter editions and let us know your thoughts. Is this something you can imagine yourself using? Is it helpful?