Huffington Post Launches “HuffPo Social News” with Facebook Connect

News is getting more social, and now, news sites are too. Today, The Huffington Post launched a new section of The Huffington Post site called HuffPost Social News that uses Facebook Connect to let users to create a social news page.

With HoffPo Social News, users can now easily share content with their Facebook friends on the site, see what their friends are reading, and engage in conversations about what they’ve read. Here’s how it looks:

The personalized HuffPost Social News pages create a forum for users to converse about news stories they’ve read, and in some cases add their spin or relevant information for Facebook friends to read. Co-founder and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington says that social media is the next logical step in the evolution of news, according to a guest blog post on Facebook today.

“In short, the news has become social. And it will become even more community-powered: stories will be collaboratively produced by editors and the community, and conversations, opinion, and reader reactions will be seamlessly integrated into the news experience.”

While The Huffington Post site has been using Connect for a while to allow readers to post comments to stories, this new integration creates a more intimate, social setting with added accountability. Since your friends are the main audience and readership of your personal page, they are more likely to take you to task for any added content or comments.

This should create a more involved readership for The Huffington Post, and should lead to more traffic coming from Facebook through shared content in the News Feed.

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