HuffPost Editor Recalls Impromptu Arianna Job Interview

At age 27, Laura Schocker is happily ahead of the NYC journalism career schedule she envisioned after graduating from the Medill School.

In short order over the past few years, she has progressed from freelancing, to editorial assistant at The Knot, to editorial assistant at Prevention magazine, to associate and now managing editor of The Huffington Post’s Healthy Living section. In an interview with the Altoona Mirror, Schocker remembers how fortuitously the HuffPost opportunity came about:

Schocker said she was at a press event when she met an editor for The Huffington Post and later that day, she was in the HuffPost office interviewing for a job.

“The next day, a Friday, I was sitting at my cubicle at Prevention when I got a call asking if I could come in and meet with [HuffPost co-founder and editor-in-chief] Arianna Huffington later that day,” Schocker said. “I was wearing jeans and had to run down the street to the Gap to buy a pair of pants!”

Ah, the pitfalls of “Casual Friday!” There’s also a nice quote in the piece from Schocker’s boss. Says HuffPost managing editor Jimmy Soni: “I have rarely met anyone who is as poised and professional and who cares so much about her work.”

[Photo courtesy: @lschocker]