The Huffington Post Launching a 'Divorce' Vertical

Continuing its rapid expansion into new verticals and topics, The Huffington Post is planning a section dedicated to the subject of “Divorce.”

Journalist and author Nora Ephron conceived the vertical, and will serve as its founding editor, with Willow Bay serving as senior editor.

“The premise behind it, as Nora puts it, is that marriage is for some time but divorce is forever,” HuffPost founder and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington tells WebNewser. “[Ephron] is sort of the creative spirit behind it, and is going to work on the different categories the different areas that the section will cover as well as the shape of the section.”

The new vertical is timed to the release of Ephron’s new book I Remember Nothing, which has a chapter focusing on divorce. The book will be released November 9, with the site expected to go live November 2.

The site will give advice to divorcees about dating and raising children, among many other subjects. As is HuffPost’s trademark, the site will feature a robust lineup of contributors offering their take on the subject, as well as tips.

Huffington says that the site will fill a valuable niche, especially given that around half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce.

“If you want to know about planning a wedding or things like that, there are so many places for people to go, but there isn’t one go-to place around divorce,” she says.

Huffington recalled the positive response she got after writing a blog post in which she recounted going on vacation to Crete with her ex-husband.

“Those of us who have been divorced know that, especially if you have children, you are never really divorced,” Huffington says. “The relationship continues.”