Huffington Post Dismisses SVP of Sales

Loew bounced after background check

After a short three months on the job, Huffington Post ad sales chief Moritz Loew has been dismissed by AOL.

According to Ad Age, Loew alleges the dismissal was the result of a background check and an outstanding warrant from a 2003 DWI charge. 

A spokesperson from AOL confirmed the dismissal to Adweek noting only that "recent information has indicated that Moritz’s hiring did not meet AOL requirements." The spokesperson could not comment as to whether Loew's alleged background check happened before or after his hire. 

Last June Loew spoke highly of Arianna Huffington and The Huffington Post in an interview with Adweek citing similar philosophies on grand scale ideas. In the same interview Loew suggested he would be working on ad strategies for HuffPost Live, the streaming service that debuted this week with founding ad partnerships with Cadillac and Verizon.

For his part, Loew has taken to Twitter, Facebook and his email inbox to own up to his mistake, and express his hope to return to the online ad business at some point. Adweek has obtained an email message Loew has been circulating among friends and industry contacts.

Hi Family, Friends and Colleagues,

I am sorry that I am writing a bulk mail to inform you, but as you may or may not have heard but I was let go from Huffington Post / AOL a few weeks back.  Outside of my wife Bethany, I have kept the details very vague for several reasons. I had hope to tell folks individually as appropriate, but someone decided it was important for them to leak this to the press than for me to tell it myself . And I want to make clear that this all my fault and I am very sorry for any grief at may have caused my family, friends and colleagues. Arianna was amazing in her support and absolutely loved working there. But I made the mistake and now I must pay the price.

My biggest regret is having even touched a set of car keys after drinking beer. Way too many lives have been lost or ruined for anyone to every do what I did. Please use this as another reminder to not do what I did! And if this is the worst thing that happens to me due that mistake, I will consider myself extremely fortunate. The rest of the stuff is just embarrassing, but none the less its completely my fault. I have since cleared everything up with my friends at the King County Court House and hoping to move on in a positive fashion.

For anyone that I am in business relationship with or talking to about one, I completely understand that this could be deal breaker for you. I am accountable for my actions and willing to accept the consequences.  And for anyone wondering what I am doing next?  I am definitely not leaving the business despite what a crushing blow this has been, I just love the business too much to walk away. Just might be a little tougher to get my next gig…but hey, I am fairly, reasonably tough.

Finally, I want to say thank you to everyone who has already reached out in my support.  I am incredibly fortunate to have the very best family on the planet the most amazing group of friends and colleagues that mean the world to me. At the end of the day, I am still one of the luckiest folks on the planet

Best Regards,