HuffPost Dumps on Daily Beast Poop Story

Daily Beast‘s story about female trepidations about pooping at work is leaving a lot of track marks as yet another story emerges. Most notably there was Gawker‘s valiant attempt to guess which female TV anchor takes a 10-minute hike to poop in private. No doubt they are the feces experts — they wrote endlessly about Arianna Huffington’s alleged pooping habits, a pig pooping and in 2011 they published their own guide to pooping at work. Next we had a male White House reporter and digital operative cracking prepubescent jokes about it. New York Magazine’s Maureen O’Connor (who once called me a skank because she’s that kind of a feminist) weighed in by becoming something of a a poop cheerleader for women in the workplace. “Go poop in your office bathrooms, everyone,” she wrote in her reaction piece. “It’s what our feminist foremothers would have wanted. Every woman deserves a poop of her own.”

And now, HuffPost‘s Emily Peck, Managing Editor of HuffPost-Business, unloads on Daily Beast for its tasteless story. Peck writes about what really happens in the women’s room – because it certainly isn’t women fearing their own bodily functions. To be sure, it’s so much more than going #2. She writes, “I met one of my closest friends in the ladies’ bathroom five years ago when I was pregnant, working for a male boss and surrounded by a team of dudes and single women who were mostly clueless about what to say to an expecting woman.”

She and the also pregnant co-worker became “soulmates” as they discussed how fat they were getting and how hard it was to buy cute clothes. Later they would bond over the office “lactation room.”

Touched? Read the full story here.