Huff the Magic Braggin’

Arianna Huffington is interviewed by Newsweek and gives a sneak peak of what we will see when the Huffington Post goes live on Monday:

Is there any contributor or entry that you’ve been surprised by so far?

I was very moved, for example, by what [director] Mike Nichols sent. I got it last night, it was at the end of a very long day. I got this and it was just such a beautiful expression of his thinking.

What did he write?
It was really an indirect way of getting at political leadership. It started with how it’s similar [to] directing a play or a movie and being a political leader. It was just such a different way of looking at it. He has a great line, which is “Dr. King knew that an improved reality begins with a dream.” It’s so simple; it’s not like an intellectual treatise. It’s conversational.

Oh, and also:

The whole reason blogs caught on is that they are so democratizing. You didn’t have to be a celebrity to have a blog. But the people you have signed on are not exactly lacking a platform.

Of course they have a voice, but they’re not part of the online conversation. While most of these people could sit down and write a column for NEWSWEEK or submit a column to The New York Times, and chances are it would get published, the truth is they’re not going to do that. They all are writing screenplays or having other jobs. They may very easily just write down a thought and send it in to be part of the dialogue in the blogosphere.

Remember, blog-readers. Monday you will be waking to a brand new world. No longer will you be confined to procrastinating at work by reading the semi-coherent half-informed thoughts of people like you– you’ll be able to procrastinate at work by reading the semi-coherent half-informed thoughts of celebrities!