Huff Poster Fearless Enough to Ask “Are Video Games Art?”


The Huffington Post’s Fearless Voices section seems to be moving farther and farther away from fearlessness and ever closer to banality. USC student and blogger Frankie Thomas asks the question Can Video Games Be Art?, but she doesn’t really mean it. The piece is really about her boyfriend, and violence, and other stuff she doesn’t like, like this:

I’m one of those antediluvian killjoys who have always found them a mind-numbing, headache-inducing, imagination-trammeling, morally desensitizing, graphically violent and misogynistic waste of time.

Unlike the rest of her life, outside of Uncanny Valley.

FBLA is pretty sure that Thomas knows little or nothing about Katamari Demacy or Psychonauts or Shenmue or LA Noire….

The commenters take her to task. FBLA thinks she’d better write Cary Tennis before her boyfriend ditches her for some babe he met in Azeroth.