LA Media Catch Up to Huell Howser Retirement Story

A funny thing happened on the way to tonight’s flurry of items about the retirement of local PBS/KCET icon Huell Howser. A San Diego community newspaper website had the skinny last week.

Posted a couple of days before Thanksgiving, the item slipped under the turkey radar. Which really is kind of apt given that it concerns a man whose entire M.O. is about eschewing the big flourish. From a 2009 LA Times profile that Robert Lloyd pulled from for today’s mini-appreciation:

“I don’t have an agent. I don’t have a manager, I don’t have a press agent, I don’t have a wardrobe guy, a makeup guy, a parking space, a dressing room. It’s basically me and a cameraman and an editor and a couple of guys in the office. I can go out between now and noon and do a full 30-minute show just talking to people on the street and have it on the air tonight. It’s an economic model that’s a production model, but it’s a model that I believe in philosophically as far as what the viewer should see…”

Even the front page of Howser’s official website is delightfully stuck in retro-mode, highlighting a small voiceover role in last summer’s Disney animated feature Winnie the Pooh. He’s had a great run, and at this point, no one can blame him for wanting to finally put down the microphone.