Huckabee Appearance Furthers Don Imus’ Image As A Political Kingmaker


It is astonishing to observe how much stronger Don Imus has become as a result of what would ordinarily be a career-ending episode. Like a gritty country music ballad in reverse, Don Imus has regained his fortunes, and then some. Once politically important among the DC chattering class, Imus has returned to the airwaves as a power center in the 2008 Presidential race. As MSNBC notes, former Governor Mike Huckabee — leading in Iowa caucus polling — this morning was the fourth Presidential candidate to kiss Imus’ ring in the two days that his show has been on the air. From MSNBC:

”Although Huckabee faced tough questions, Imus offered him a near-endorsement. ‘I’m just about to climb on that Huckabee bandwagon,’ Imus told the former governor during the interview.

”’… I’ll tell you what, if we go all the way, we’ll have your show from the East Room of the White House,’ Huckabee joked. ‘That would wreck any re-election chances I’d ever have.”’

(image via cnnmoney/ap/richard drew)