Huckabee and Kasich Tied for Most Sunday Show Appearances


Long the subject of criticism for their uncreative, iterative scheduling, the déjà vu effect on the Sunday politcal shows seems more pronounced of late. Sunday after Sunday, we are met with a rotating cast of presidential candidates checking off their dance cards as they chat up the hosts.

USA Today has been tracking Sunday show guest appearances on ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox and NBC for 2015, providing us with easy access to the numbers that back up our perceptions.

The candidate with the most appearances? Not Trump.

It’s a tie between Mike Huckabee and John Kasich, who have both appeared 16 times in 2015. They are in a three-way tie with non-presidential candidate and CNN and ABC contributor Donna Brazile for most appearances by any guest. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are the next most frequently appearing candidates, tied with 13 appearances.

However, if we only count appearances made after a candidate announced a run for the nomination, Trump comes out on top. All 13 of his Sunday show appearances/call-ins have happened since his announcement, compared to nine of Huckabee’s and Sanders’ and seven of Kasich’s. Lindsey Graham is close behind with 12 total appearances, six of which happened after he announced.

The candidate with the fewest appearances, unsurprisingly, is Hillary Clinton, whose reticence with the press continues to frustrate many. Her lone appearance was on a July 12 showing of CNN’s State of the Union, and that was a clip of her interview with Brianna Keilar.