HubSpot Acquires Twitter App Directory Oneforty, Invents The “Tweet Release”

Leave it to HubSpot, the social media marketing company, to announce their acquisition of the Twitter app directory Oneforty in a series of hashtag and @mention-rich tweets.

Starting with this tweet:

Today @HubSpot acquired @oneforty, a social media marketing company based in Cambridge, MA. #Hub140 –

HubSpot announced that it has acquired Oneforty.

Oneforty is the brainchild of entrepreneur and marketer Laura Fitton, and is designed as a directory of useful Twitter apps for businesses and marketers. Oneforty also includes a collaborative social media management platform.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, Kara Sassone, a media relations rep for HubSpot, explained that they chose tweeting out their acquisition to stand out amidst a sea of press releases, and to reflect the core of Oneforty:

“As we started to put together our message for this release we thought, How do we make this stand out? We also wanted to incorporate oneforty in an obvious way — and what’s better than tweetable (140 character) messages?”

The terms of the deal itself were not disclosed, but Oneforty CEO Laura Fitton and several of her staff will join HubSpot at their offices in Cambridge. According to one of the many tweets announcing the deal, this will bring the HubSpot employee count to 285 people.