Hubdub Lets You Predict (and Bet) on the News

hubdubWho will win the World Series? Will Britney end up back in jail? Can David Cook win American Idol?

The answers lay ahead in the future, yet some of us actually know the answers today. If you think you have a nose for guessing tomorrow’s news, HubDub is the community for you.Somewhere between a human stock exchange, Yahoo! Answers and Digg, users bet play money that they can correctly prognosticate what will happen down the road. Upon registration you are issues 1,000 play dollars and invited to start guessing.

In case you hit a horrendous losing streak, HubDub is kind enough to replenish your account with 20 play dollars every time you login.

Users can create their own questions and get strangers to wager. Competitive types can create their own personalized leaderboard to compete against friends.

Hubdub is perfect for anyone who enjoys the act of betting, but doesn’t necessarily care for sports.

News is sourced from over 10,000 U.S. and international publications and blogs. Updates are made hourly.

What’s currently lacking are some cool widgets that would allow you to display your predictions on your blog or Website.

My prediction: HubDub will continue to grow.