Huawei Can No Longer Pre-Install Facebook’s Family of Apps on Its Smartphones

Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and the flagship can still be downloaded, installed and used on the devices

Facebook's apps can no longer be pre-installed on Huawei devices like the P20 beer5020/iStock
Headshot of David Cohen

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei took another minor hit from the U.S. this week when Facebook banned the pre-installation of its applications on new devices.

People with Huawei phones can still download, update and fully use Facebook’s family of apps, including the flagship app, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. Huawei was simply banned from pre-installing them on its new handsets.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the move, saying, “We are reviewing the Commerce Department’s final rule and the more recently issued temporary general license and taking steps to ensure compliance.”

U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order in May that effectively banned Huawei from U.S. communications networks and banned U.S. companies from supplying technology to Huawei.

Google said Huawei would be cut off from future Android updates after the temporary general license expires in August, but the Google Play Store will still be accessible via the devices, and people will still be able to download and use Google’s apps. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.