HTC Weike Features Dedicated Sina Weibo Button Instead of Facebook

Image courtesy of MIC Gadget

Image courtesy of MIC Gadget
Facebook may be the biggest social network. But, it isn’t the only one in town. And, if a town happens to be in China, the social network many people use is Sina Weibo. Wikipedia notes that Sina Weibo has more that 140 million users. Sina Weibo is described as a cross between Twitter and Facebook.

So, while the HTC Status launched in the U.S. with a dedicated Facebook button, HTC produced a phone for the Chinese market with a dedicated Sina Weibo button.

HTC Status: Android Phone With a Dedicated Facebook Button

HTC Launch Weibo Phone in China ( Video ) (MIC Gadget)

Note that the phone is not a version of the HTC Status sold in the U.S. It is, however, based on the HTC Salsa which also has a dedicated Facebook button.

Could a phone with a dedicated Google+ button be far behind?