HTC Touch Pro2 Available from T-Mobile USA on Aug. 12: Pre-Buyer’s Remorse?

T-Mobile Dash 3G (left) – T-Mobile Touch Pro2 (right – courtesy of Engadget)

After years of using touch screen phones, my last couple of main phones were primarily non-touchscreen phones: T-Mobile SDA (Windows Mobile), T-Mobile Dash (Windows Mobile) and Nokia N96 (Symbian S60). I’ve really been looking forward to buying the HTC Touch Pro2 and was happy to read the official word that it will be available in two weeks…

T-Mobile USA Debuts HTC Touch Pro2 in the U.S.

But, after years of enjoying the benefit of one-handed cell phone operation with non-touch screen phones, I may have the first case of pre-buyer’s remorse. I’m starting to wonder whether I should just get a Dash 3G now and enjoy the benefits of a non-pullout QWERTY keyboard in what looks like a solid device.

The HTC Touch Pro2 is essentially a descendent of the TyTn I’ve been using for testing Windows Mobile apps for the past couple of years. So, I’m reasonably sure I’ll like the screen and keyboard. But, being forced to use two hands for many operations is an issue when on the go. Hmm. Stay tuned. I’ll let you know what happens after August 12 rolls around.

Via Engadget: T-Mobile announces HTC Touch Pro2 for August 12 availability