HTC Snap (Windows Mobile Smartphone) Video Product Tour

YouTube video courtesy of HTC
HTC posted a flash animation product tour of the upcoming HTC Snap (the video doesn’t show an actual physical device) that I mentioned yesterday in…
HTC Snap (S522) Windows Mobile Non-touchscreen Smartphone Looks Like a Winner
The video tour describes in text (no voice-over):
– HTC’s “Inner Circle” button (bottom right of keyboard) which activates your custom email filter
– The Snap’s raised keys (tactile feedback is good!)
– The Snap’s thin form factor
It looks like the Snap uses the rubberized non-slip surface used on the Dash and other HTC Windows Mobile smartphones. I found that surface on the Dash to be very comfortable to hold when using the phone. And, it really does help prevent the phone from slipping out of your hand.