HTC Snap (S522) Windows Mobile Non-touchscreen Smartphone Looks Like a Winner

T-Mobile Dash (left), HTC Maple (middle), & HTC Snap image (right – courtesy of Engadget)
I’ve been using touch-screen mobile devices since the Apple Newton Messagepad. And, I’ve used a series of Windows CE/Windows Mobile based mobile devices starting with the HP 320LX back in 1997. But, having admired the original RIM BlackBerry and Palm Treo devices from afar back in their day, I also became a fan of non-touch QWERTY thumb keyboard equipped Windows Mobile smartphones over the years. I still think the T-Mobile Dash (built by HTC) is one of the finest smartphones I ever used. Non-touch QWERTY equipped smartphones have the advantage of easy one-handed use while still providing quick and fast navigation and text entry. So, I was very happy to learn about the follow-up to the Dash, the HTC Maple, being discussed last month. And, I was really excited to see the HTC Snap (aka S522) in this Engadget blog item…
HTC Snap snaps to life, coming to US as S522
This Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard Edition smartphone (no touch screen) has a fast 528MHz Qualcomm processor, 128MB system RAM, 2 megapixel camera, microSDHC card slot, Assisted GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, and HSDPA for wireless broadband data.
I’m glad to see that HTC hasn’t abandoned the Standard Edition (non-touch) design. It is a great functional form factor that deserves a place in the smartphone line-up.