HTC HD7 vs. iPhone 4 Photo Quality

The Windows Phone 7 powered HTC HD7 is working out well as my primary voice phone based on a week’s experience. It is not without a number of issues, however. One is the WiFi problem I noted earlier today. The other is what appears to be a typical issue in HTC built phones: A marginal camera. Frank noted the Workaround For Pink HD7 Pics yesterday. My photo issue are the soft “mushy” photos produced by the HD7. This has been a problem with every HTC phone I’ve used. The Nexus One comes close to producing sharp images. But, even it does not do a good of a job as, say, Nokia N series phones or the iPhone 4.

The two photos here were taken under identical conditions indoors about a minute apart. The photo taken by the HD7 is on the left. The photo taken by the iPhone 4 is on the right. The HD7’s photo has a soft-focus “mushy” look with lower contrast and less color saturation than the iPhone 4’s photo. Soft-focus might be a good thing for aging Hollywood stars. It is not so good in a camera phone.