HTC HD7 Camera Problems & Other Issues?

HTC’s HD7 caught my eye as soon as I saw it listed among the first generation of Windows Phone smartphones. Its big 4.3-inch display (just below my personal threshold of “too big for a phone”) was the draw for me. However, WMPowerUser and TheNextWeb report that the HD7’s camera subsystem have been the cause of problems for some of its users. Photography has become an integral part of social networks. So, this is a huge problem for HD7 users who frequently share photos.

HTC HD7 having camera failure issue? (WMPowerUser)

Users report severe HTC HD7 camera issues (TheNextWeb)

I have not experienced this specific problem with my HD7 (my primary voice phone). However, I have had several recurring problems which makes me wonder if any of these problems are related. Here’s are the problems I’ve seen (several times each).

1. HD7 will not switch out of flight mode. Power cycle required to remedy this.
2. HD7 wakes from a normal suspend (screen off) and does not connect to my mobile carrier. Power cycle required to remedy this.
3. Photos cannot be uploaded directly to Microsoft SkyDrive (cloud storage). I’m told by a reliable source that the HD7 needs to be hard reset to remedy this problem. I have not tried to do this yet.

Have you experienced any of these issues with your HD7?