HTC Confirms Nexus One Cannot Sync Exchange Server Calendar Events

One of the features I was really happy to find on the Motorola Droid was its unique support for synching with my Exchange Server calendar. The Droid has a separate Corporate Calendar app that only displays items from my Exchange Server calendar. Items from my Google Calendar syncs with the app named simply calendar. This clear distinction between my work and personal calendar is very useful to me.

I was surprised to learn that this feature appeared to be something that Motorola added to the mix of Google tools. This became apparent when I received my Nexus One last week and didn’t see a Corporate Calendar or any other mechanism to get calendar events from Exchange Server. I used HTC’s web support form to ask about this. I asked:

My Droid has a Corporate Calendar that syncs with Exchange Server using Exchange ActiveSync. My Nexus One does not have this feature to sync with my Exchange Server Calendar. Is this feature coming soon?

HTC’s response arrived an hour or two ago in an email message with the odd title of “You have a message waiting” (I almost deleted it thinking it was spam). Here’s the disappointing response from HTC:

We understand the importance of having all the information on our phones. Unfortunately, the Nexus One does not have support synchronizing with a Microsoft Exchange calendar. We here at HTC Technical Support do not know if this will change in the future, since the Nexus One is manufactured for Google. Google decided what would be on the software of the Nexus One. We here at HTC offer technical support on the software and warranty on the hardware of the Nexus One.

So, there you go. No Exchange Calendar sync is available for the Nexus One. Boo, Google! Boo, HTC! Glad I kept my Droid (and, yay, Motorola!).